Look what I just found on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/bt/bt-and-arty-feat-nadia-ali

More music from the upcoming EP. Enjoy.

In Boston at Berklee

Me, 3 extraordinary blind musicians, 2 radio batons, some Euro Racks, Csound and absolute sonic mayhem. #nowhappening

In Boston at Berklee

Me, 3 extraordinary blind musicians, 2 radio batons, some Euro Racks, Csound and absolute sonic mayhem. #nowhappening

New sounds posted : Written tonight on my flight home. I was inspired by a twitter chat about favorite composers and decided to read up on one of my favorite pieces by Strauss. Ended up listening to some Debussy and it inspired this. On the flight I experimented with some new granular/convolution ideas. Overdubbed piano (Pianoteq) in the kitchen with some Valhalla shimmer and Room (automated). This composition is one of 7

Inspired by watching the irregular isorhythms of my christmas lights (this and avoiding doing email). This was created in Abelton using STreson opcode (Csound for Live) for melodic figures and MAX/MSP (mainly) for beats. Spectral processing in RX and using Tob Erb’s Soundhack plugins. Also LFO on the master tempo in places. Enjoy :)

Track released in April 2011 by BT.

It is with exceptional pleasure I share this gift back with you. Thank you ALL so much for making a donation to Japanese relief efforts. As individuals we can do little, together we can do much.

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause. Blessings to you,

ps: there is a marker for 3 minutes at the end of the track. It is not just silence, it is there for a reason.

All my best.



I’m not going to do a full review of BT’s new album, “These Hopeful Machines,” but I am going to dedicate a little blog post to it. I’ve been a BT fan (like think “fanatic” kind of fan) for somewhere around 7 or 8 years. I was first attracted to his work by albums “Emotional Technology” and “Movement in Still Life” and like so many others that I’ve met in the community of his fans, I owe my own venture into music production to him. If you read, or better yet watch, interviews with BT, it’s impossible to not be inspired by the sheer joy that he has simply being an artist able of thought and creation. It seems that he’s perpetually excited about technology, science, mathematics, philosophy, and all that stimulates that overclocked brain of his.

So here’s my best effort at describing his music. It has a very unique BTness to it. It always contains a lot of “space,” in that every voice is very well defined and purposeful, so much so that in the right listening environment you feel like you’re immersed in sound, transported to a new place that he’s created to show you something special.

“These Hopeful Machines” is no different. BT has created something special yet again, and it will surely grow with me for years to come.

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***On a related note, the idea of technology being used to create something timeless is the reason I chose “this old technology” to be the title of this blog. The juxtaposition of “old” and “technology” are meant to represent a unification of things new and old, scientific and heartfelt. In my opinion BT’s music has always represented that concept perfectly.***

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A little present for you guys :)

Audible Art - The release of These Hopeful Machines


So you’ve more than likely gathered that I’m a huge fan of the musical artist BT.  Today, February 2nd, 2010 marks the release of his latest studio album These Hopeful Machines.

Let me just put this in perspective for you.  Imagine you’re back in Renaissance Italy.  Michelangelo is about to unveil his latest work of art; two years in the making.  The proverbial sheet is pulled off and viola!, the Michelangelo Pieta is revealed.

It isn’t about how this album is important to the Electronica genre, it isn’t about Rock, Pop, or even Classical music.  It’s about Music as a whole.  In terms of technique, conceptualization, emotion, detail, and composition, These Hopeful Machines is very much the equivalent of a work of Renaissance art that has spent four years in the making.  Something that touches every level in the creation of music and elevates it to another level, and BT is a modern Renaissance master.

These two interviews: Sinning in LA, and SonicScoop provide some insight in to the conceptualization and technical mastery that went in to the creation of These Hopeful Machines.

If you typically wouldn’t call yourself a fan of electronica but you do consider yourself an appreciator of art and music as a whole, I highly suggest you take a half step outside of your comfort zone and at least listen to These Hopeful Machines.  The Sinning in LA interview has links to album previews.  However if you want the full experience you can invite me over and I’ll share a listen with you, or just buy a copy.  Quite literally, it’ll be like owning a Raphael painting.  Seriously.

10 Reason to Buy BT’s “These Hopeful Machines”

By Langes

Published: February 3, 2010

Tags: Album ReleaseBTreviewsThese Hopeful Machines

The title says it all.. Let’s get started. ..::Buy Here::.. Enter rainbow text:

1. The Music – who buys an album and doesn’t want to hear the music? Right… Well this album took 4 years to make. I can’t remember the last time I put 4 years into 1 project…maybe learning how to get the hell out of highschool?

2. BT cares about his fans - Okay, so a lot of producers “care” about their fans. BT shows the hell out of it though. He’s always taking videos for his fans to keep them updated, talking to them on twitter, and this makes him come across as more down to Earth. His Washington, DC show was cancelled due to snow. So what did he do? We all know a few producers out there that can’t be arsed to talk to the people that support them, and are their biggest customers (their fans). BT can’t be arsed to NOT talk to his fans.

3. BT is a – badass/genius/dude/G/thug4lyfe (what?). BT Makes 50 Cent look like … 25 cent?

4. The artwork Aaron Jasinski did the artwork for the album. But if you think the cover of BT’s face and some roses is all there is, you’re dead wrong. This beast is an 8 FT TALL oil painting.. Eight feet?! Holy bikini batman. You’ll have to buy the album to see it in detail (or here for a peek), but check out Jasinski’s site.. pretty wicked.

5. BT’s XBOX Live gamertag – is “BTLikesYourMom” – If this isn’t reason enough, then you should give up. Maybe i’ll move this to #1.

6.  Kaia – Kaia is BT’s  6 year old daughter, and as far as we know, the last song on CD1 (Forget Me) has Kaia singing the  chorus of the song… When we first listened to it (My whole family [mom, brother, me] listened to this album 3 times through in 1 sitting… shiiiiiiii…! yes it’s that good) we both stopped and went… “Wha? is that really?” It was the most amazing thing we’ve heard and it stopped us in our tracks. BT has been through a lot with his daughter Kaia and it’s amazing to hear this.

7. BT Feels – BT himself said, “This is the first album that I’ve made where I look at it and feelscomplete… like truly complete… both the music and the art.” When BT, the same guy that said ”I frequently face the fact that the tools I need to compose music simply don’t exist.“, says “this is the first complete album I’ve made”, you’d better buy the album, cause its going to be rock’n’sockin.

8. It’s 2 hours – and you will sit there with your mouth open the entire time asking yourself if this ismusic, or some sort of euphoric vision from Zeus himself.

9. Lasting Power – When you’re not home, it’s pure torture… Why? Because the entire time you’ll be counting the minutes until you can get back into your car, or get back home to your home sound system, and blast the crap out of this album. Don’t go and download the torrent for this album, and don’t send us links for the torrents to post up on our site. This is an album that you need to hold. This album will last you for years to come, and you will actually feel like a better person for spending money on it.

10. It took us 3 hours to write a list that we already had an outline for, because we we’re distracted by “These Hopeful Machines

This album gets a 5/5 Stars from Trance Daily. Put a night aside, sit down with a friend, and let yourself go.

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-Lange Brothers